Asking Price



  • 215 - 409 sq ft
  • Apartment, Studio
  • Parking Available
  • 1 Plots
  • Service Let
Apartment, Studio

Unicorn House is part of a large site adjacent to Garstang Road and North Road in Preston.

The site concept is an urban serviced village which already incorporates a brand-new upscale
student accommodation building containing 126 studio apartments and substantial retail space.
City Studios, Preston offers a serviced apartment scheme to corporate clients and those requiring a more cost-effective shorter term living solution than is currently provided in the local
Siting firmly between hotel and private rental accommodation, City Studios offers a luxurious
living space with the independence of self-catering facilities and the convenience of
24hr service without excessive costs or long tenancy agreements.
A blend of short term and contractual stays targeting a variety of customers,